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"Entourage Repair Software resolved all my issues related to Entourage application. Now, there is no more errors and inaccessibilities of Entourage emails. Thanks to all for making such a useful utility." - Emma Pitt

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Resolve & Fix Entourage Error Easily from your Mac Entourage Application

Microsoft Entourage is a popular email-client database application which is fully integrated with advance features to help you manage your tasks effectively. Using this application, you can manage your entourage items like emails, contacts, notes, calendars, appointments in an efficient and organized manner. However, there are several situations when entourage database fails to function properly and Mac user’s encounter entourage error on their computer screen. There could be several reasons behind this problem but the primary cause of abrupt entourage behavior is corruption to the entourage database.

Corruption to the entourage database prevent user from accessing entourage application and make entourage data inaccessible. Some of the common entourage error on mac is listed below:

  • Entourage fails to launch
  • An error occurred while rebuilding the database
  • Framework error
  • I/O error on rebuilding
  • Damaged office database
  • Can't send via entourage, action could not be completed
  • Mail couldn't be accessed at this time: logon failure: unknown username and password
  • Entourage cannot connect to the exchange public folders server. Please verify that public folder settings are correct


There are plenty of reasons that are responsible for entourage corruption like virus attack, header file corruption, identity corruption, system failure, improper application installation and abrupt power supply.

In order to fix entourage error on mac, there is need to rebuild entourage database and for this purpose you can use inbuilt database utility tool. For using this tool, you can follow below mentioned steps:

  • Check database integrity
  • Make your entourage database compact
  • Rebuild the database to repair it
  • Select the database preferences

This tool work efficiently to repair the corrupt entourage database but this tool fails in case of severe corruption. In such case, you can use third party entourage repair software to repair corrupt entourage database and to resolve entourage error. This software completely scans the entourage database, identifies the error and rectifies it.


User Guide: How to Use Entourage Repair Software

Step 1: Select Entourage Repair for repairing mails

Open MS entourage database file using Entourage recovery software. A dialog box will appear 'Select entourage database file'. If the path is default, choose default path of the file in text box given.

Browse after choosing file then open dialog box for the selection of files from location other than the default one.

Step 2: Now, start scanning

To start scanning, click on the start button, the progress bar will display the ongoing scanning. Later on you will get a message box with the details of information regarding Mac email recovery.

In distinct preview of removed or deleted email, draft, email sent, inbox, spam/junk can all be seen. Similarly other data and items can aslo be viewed there.

Step 3: Restore and save the recovered mails and other Mac objects

Now the recovered mails should be saved. For this click on 'file' menu then select option as 'save file'. It will then ask for 'destination folder' for storing recovered emails with the name 'main identity.rge' which then has to be imported to Entourage.

So, what are you thinking of just use this Mail Emails Recovery to get recover entire mail files.

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